How we work!


Lena and Moonlight in july 1996.


Ewerything we do here at Stall Ragnarp, is focused on and around the horses. My ambition is to produce quality work and to be serviceminded always putting the client and their horse or pony first.

Working safely with the horses, building up confidence between myself and them, is a prerequisite for success. My aim is to give horses and ponies in my care as complete training as possible, including not only riding but also loading and allround social training. I find that one of the most successful methods of schooling horses is by Natural Horsemanship.

The ponies and horses I have bred so far, are all results of careful planning and qualityconscious thinking. In my humble opinion that is what it takes to produce first class horses and ponies!

Lena and Rolls Royce in july 1999.


Awise man ones told me following words:

" The mare and the stallion make the foal

but the breeder makes the horse."